Awards Season Tuxedo Appetizers

Award season is upon us, so whip up this quick but fun appetizer that everyone will admire. Take your basic meat and cheese pairing, and switch it up for an award show theme.

These tuxedo appetizers could also be served at formals, fundraisers, New Year’s Eve, cocktail parties and more.

Soft cheese wedge slices (or any cheese of your choice)
Red bell pepper
Dry black caviar lentils (or any small, dry bean or rice)
Pretzel Crisps®

While cheese is still cold and firm from the refrigerator, place over an unheated slice of sausage underneath cheese. Have a corner of the slice of cheese facing down on sausage, so that it has a ‘V’ shape. Using a knife, trace cheese along the top of the sausage slice so that the top of the ‘V’ is round and conforms to a slight curve.

tuxedo blog_cheese

Take about three dry lentils, or any small and round, dry bean and place them down the center of the cheese.

tuxedo blog_pepper

Slice a piece of red bell pepper that is flat. Cut into thin strips, then section out into rectangles. Cut a triangle on the top and bottom to create a bowtie. Place one bowtie on the top of each cheese slice.