What’s Your Party Personality?

Every partygoer and thrower has their own sense of style. Well, thanks to Bon Appétit, you can see where you fall on the party personality spectrum! Are you fancy, fun, fashionable, or maybe all of the above? One thing we know for sure, you are a total Snack Genius!

Life of the Party

The party doesn’t start ‘til you walk in! You’re bold and bubbly but let’s not forget sweet! Six simple ingredients come together to create one killer flavor combination that matches your dynamic personality.

Fancy Pants

Nothing but class! That’s what people tend to say about you and your refined sense of style. Smoked salmon, cream cheese and chives give off that air of sophistication. Go ahead and keep that pinky lifted as you munch away on this treat.


First Paris Fashion Week, now your neighborhood get-together? You are totally in demand. Say oui oui to brie with this decadent trio of flavors. Don’t forget the fig preserve and fresh thyme for a truly memorable nighttime bite.