Perfect Pairing: Pretzel Crisps® and Cheese

You don’t have to be a cheese maker or affineur to know that cheese is a popular choice for snack plates, and for some cheese lovers it’s mandatory. With thousands of varieties, you can easily find the perfect cheese for any occasion; however, what to pair it with may be a bit harder. Here are a few suggestions to go along with popular cheeses.

Ricotta and Cottage Cheese
While similar in texture, ricotta most often makes an appearance in pasta dishes like lasagna while cottage cheese serves as a breakfast option with fresh fruit or a dip for crunchy veggies. Still, you can substitute cottage cheese for ricotta in a pinch, and both taste amazing with a drizzle of honey. Try a dollop of either pairing on top of Sesame Pretzels Crisps®️; their toasty flavor provides a nice balance to the sweetness.

With its white and edible rind, Brie is a cheese that can be prepared and enjoyed in various ways. Baked Brie topped with nuts and fruits like cranberries makes for a beautiful center to your appetizers table. When allowed to soften to room temperature, Brie is delicious as a smooth spread on bread like baguettes. The most common Brie pairing is with apples. That flavor combo can be enjoyed as a dessert or picnic snack.

Sharp and slightly sweet is Gouda’s claim to fame, though its taste varies depending on how long it’s been aged. Young Gouda cheese (aged four weeks) has a mild the flavor while an older block will have a stronger aroma as well as a saltier taste. Either does well with a smoked meat or spice nuts.

Facts and Tips

  • When planning an event in which guests will be in close proximity to one another, avoid particularly pungent cheeses like Gruyere or Limburger. However, if you’re Netflix and chillin’ on your own, go for it!
  • Small salt-like crystals may appear inside Gouda, but don’t worry! It’s a natural amino acid, Tyrosine, and it’s a sign that the cheese has been well aged.

May we suggest…
Whether your cheeseboard is loaded with creamy cheese spreads or thin slices, there’s definitely a flavor of Pretzel Crisps®️ available for dipping or stacking!