Original Pretzel Crisps®
Original Pretzel Crisps® Minis
Pink frosting or white chocolate
A variety of candy


  1. Use frosting or chocolate to “glue” two original Pretzel Crisps® together. Use five Pretzel Crisps® minis to form the roof by adhering together in an arrow shape.
  2. Once dried, stick the roof to the large Pretzel Crisps® base to form the house shape. Allow frosting to harden or chocolate to cool completely to prevent house from coming apart.
  3. Use a variety of pink, white, and red candy to decorate your house. Use red laffy to roll out and cut into doors. Raspberry gummies make wonderful bushes, and pink nerds can be used for pebbles. Use black licorice coated in white candy from a bridge mix can become the trunk of a tree. Use a few colorful Sixlets to create the leaves for the tree. Stick a Valentine’s candy corn to the roof for a chimney, and add sprinkles or sanding sugar to the top for a snowy effect.